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Creator Earnings Dashboard Payment

After posting a review on Flip you will start earning from your first view.

Once you have an Available Balance you are able to release the balance to Flip Cash, to use directly for future orders, or select Bank Transfer, and deposit directly to your account.

When you are ready to Payout, select 'Cash Out' and select the deposit location: Flip Cash or Bank Transfer.

Choose your Payment Deposit Location

If you choose Flip Cash: Exchange Earnings to Credit

  1. You will set the amount to payout based on your available balance.

  2. Confirm the transfer.

  3. Completed!

    • You will see this balance now located in your Rewards, under Flip Cash.

    • Flip Cash will be as real cash directly towards your next order. 

If you select Bank Transfer: Send Money to Your Bank Account

  1. You will be prompted to Stripe to link your bank account.

  2. Lets walk through a Bank Transfer.

Have Your Bank Details Ready

If you have selected Bank Transfer, and if this is your first time paying out, you will be prompted to set up a Stripe account.

  1. Select Individual for Type of Business

  2. Edit Your Personal Details.

    • Name

    • Address

    • SSN

  3. Add the Link to Flip Profile or Website.

  4. Bank Information.

    • Do not add a Prepaid Card in this field.

Cash Out

Go Back To Flip:

  1. Once your account is set up in Stripe head back to Flip and Select Cash Out again.

  2. You can select Bank Transfer, choose your amount and you are all set!

    • Bank Transfers will take 2-3 days to process as this timing may depend on your bank institution.

Please note: Only one bank transfer can be initiated at a time until pending transfers have been completed.