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Earnings Dashboard

All users on Flip earn from their content.

Once you've shared with the community you become a Creator and have access to the earnings dashboard.

Here you can view all content, analyze engagement metrics, and Cash Out directly to your bank account or in Flip cash to use towards your next order.

Posts Stats

Your dashboard provides a breakdown of earnings per individual piece of content.


  • Totals Views

  • Total Unique Views

  • Total Add to Carts

  • Sales Metrics


  • First 30 Day Engagement

    • Based on 3 Second View Count

  • Engagement Earnings

    • Based on First 30 Day Count

  • Sales Earnings

  • 3 Second View Count Total

  • 50% Watch Ratio

  • Average Seconds Watched Overall

Engagement Earnings

You will earn $15-$25 per 1,000 unique views for the first 30 days.  

  • Engagement Earnings are calculated based on the Unique 3-Second View Count for the first 30 days that the post is live.

  • You can locate your first engagement metrics in your posts stats.

  • Engagement earnings are standard across users.

Sales Earnings

You will earn 5%-15% of the product purchase price for the first 12 months.

  • Sales earnings are generated based on orders placed from your content.

  • You will receive your earnings from the sale once the order is completed.

  • Creators can locate potential sales earnings based on the Add To Cart count.

  • Sales earnings are standard across users.