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What is MagicOS?

MagicOS is the back-end management system for your brand on Flip.

This system provides you with Full Control over your brand on Flip, and access to essential tools for your brand.

What does MagicOS Offer?

MagicOS provides access to:

  • Sales analytics

    1. Integrated analytics provide visibility to your product sales, popularity, and other powerful data. 

  • Complete overview of reconciliation

    1. Easy access to sales, returns, and download reports for transparency.

  • Access to reviews & content 

    1. See every review created using your brand’s products and detailed analytics of all user generated content.

How do payments work?

There is no sign up cost to join Flip.

Flip handles content creation, discovery, payment processing and customer support.

Brand covers shipping and flat percentage of sales generated on Flip.

  • We pay the net 30 days after the order is received by the customer.