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Issues with your Bank Transfer?

If Stripe showing $0.00 in payment when you Cash Out or there is a greyed out field in your payments, there may be missing information in your Stripe account.

Let's troubleshoot:

Update your Stripe account.

Head to your Earnings Dashboard and select Cash Out.

  1. If you are missing information you will be redirected to a new window in Stripe.

  1. If your payout options are grey, open Stripe in your browser.

  • Stripe is a safe an secure payment platform just like Paypal or Square.

Locate your Personal Details Page in Stripe.

  1. Click on your profile (the person icon).

  2. Find 'Platform Settings' and select Flip.

  3. Edit 'Personal Details' by adding your DOB, Address, Bank Account Details, and Identity Documents.

Re-submit CashOut.

  1. Once your account is completed and up to date, close Stripe and Flip.

    • There should not be any information required soon in your details pages.

  2. Re-open Flip and select ‘Cash Out’ again.

    • If all information is entered you will be promoted to select if you want your earnings transferred to your bank account or into Flip Cash. 

  3. Select the amount you want to payout and select 'transfer.'

  4. Complete!

The minimum transfer value for cashing out to your bank account is $20, whereas there's no minimum requirement for payouts to Flip Cash.