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Be Honest

First and foremost, be honest.

Your friends know you, they can tell when you are being real or trying to sell a product.

You earn based on engagement, not just sales, so its worth it to be real. If you don’t like it, tell us why.

Don’t add filters to your posts.

It's distracting for your friends! Be authentic, no filters necessary.

Tip for Virality

Posting a review of a product that does not already have reviews is 4x more likely to go viral!

  • Choose products or free items outside of your comfort zone!

  • If you love it or hate it doesn't matter, still share!

  • Push the boundary outside your standard content.

Posting Frequency

The top 1% of users post 3 to 6 times per week.

Don't overdo it. Your account can be flagged for spamming if you are sharing more than five reviews in 24 hours.

Below are a few extra tips to increase engagement, but the real key is to be yourself.

Increase Engagement

Video Length

  • Create Flip Reviews within a 45 to 60-seconds.


Sharing your post with your friends inside of Flip and on your other socials can improve your reach and in turn increase your earnings.

  • Tap the share button and share within or outside of Flip.


  • Ask questions in your comments to start a thread!


  • Your Flip profile is shareable. Link it outside the platform to bring new friends!

Follow Friends

  • Your friends see your reviews. Increase your reach and follow your friends!