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Streamlined Campaign Management

Flip’s ad-account is straightforward to use, shows live statistics of engagement, add to carts and sales from the first moment your ad is live, all in one place.

BudgetGuard Feature

Only pay for sales:

Before investing in a single dollar, know the performance of each post and save precious paid media costs and the highest chance to reach your goals.

  • No issues with iOS 14. Purchases through Flip are made in-app and are 100% verified.

  • No more guessing—pay only when a sale occurs.

Use Existing Content

Reach new shoppers through your current shoppers and boost existing video reviews, no new creative needed.

Take advantage of authentic content reviews, not inauthentic UGC.


Decide on the right bid for your business objectives:

ROAS (Return on ad Spend).

Cost per sale or Audience expansion (Reach).